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Privacy Policy

Availability and inventory
You can see in the product catalog on the website the physical availability of each product, you can also find out by phone the presence of each product / s in stock.


payment options
1. cash payment  Payment in cash at a banknote store at the time of purchase of the product in shekels and including VAT. .

2.Credit card payment -You can pay by credit card for a fee of 1 on the website or up to 12 payments without interest in the store. Credit card transaction With credit cards issued in Israel and around the world, at the time of the transaction in the store, the cardholder must be present and identified by presenting an identity card / driver's license / valid passport.

3.Payment by check checkק) Payment can be made with a single check only "cash check". Delivery of the goods will be made up to 6 business days from the date of payment and provided that the check is honored by the bank. The check will be considered payable only after final approval by the bank to receive the said money into the company account, the holder of the check must be present and identified by presenting a valid ID / driver's license / passport. A bank check is the same as a regular check for everything, anything and everything, as stated above.עיל.

4.Payment by bank transfer  - You can also pay by transferring the purchase amount to the company account. Similar to payment by checks, the goods will be delivered after receiving confirmation of receipt of the money from the bank. The bank account details can be obtained when placing an order at the branch.ף.


  1. Payment bPAYPAL You can also pay viaPAYPAL‏. Similar to payment by checks, the goods will be delivered upon receipt of receipt of the money from PAYPAL. The PAYPAL account details can be obtained when ordering on the website or at the branch..


Product ordering options
Online ordering:

Products can be ordered through the website of Y.S. Computers by filling out an order form after adding the product to the shopping cart on the site. A sales representative will get back to you by phone to make the final order and arrange the payment. The order is valid only after issuing an invoice and making a down payment. Just fill in the details and place the order on the websiteר Does not constitute a transactionAfter the order, a telephone representative will contact you who will complete the transaction. there is. Computers reserves the option not to allow the purchase of products for a particular customer, including canceling an order at any time, at the discretion of YS. Computers.

Home deliveries:

there is. Computers provides home delivery service

Shipping cost:

The shipping cost is as indicated on the YS website. Computers. The shipping cost is in addition to the cost of the order itself.

Payment options when ordering:

You can pay viaCredit Card Or on PAYPAL
You can pay viaBank transfer Delivery of the products will be 3 business days from the date on which confirmation of transfer is received.

When ordering deliveryIt is not possible to pay by check or cash

Product supply:

there is. Computers will work to deliver the product by courier to your home within 6 business days. There may be different delivery times at remote destinations. In any case, the price and delivery time will be announced by phone after the purchase is completed. For the avoidance of doubt, business days are Sunday to Thursday not including Fridays, Saturdays and holiday eves and holidays.
At the time of delivery of the product, it is necessary to present an identity card and passport that match the credit card details. A credit card transaction will only be made with Israeli credit cards and in the presence of the cardholder himself, in addition, the identity card will be photocopied by the courier for the purpose of verifying receipt of the product..

Exceptional products: Custom assembled products, such as desktops, are not shipped and can only be picked up from the branch.

Age restriction:

There is no age limit when buying a product in the store, or on YS 'website. Computers.


The right to provide customer service
there is. Computers will not sell or provide service to anyone who has harmed any of its employees, facilities or reputation,And reserves the right to refuse to sell or provide a service at its sole discretion and the lungs of its eyes and all subject to the provisions of any law.

Items in the "Refurbished" category are offered from display or have been used or renewed. The buyer is responsible for checking them to his satisfaction with their condition prior to purchase. The warranty will be defined for each item at the time of purchase.


Transaction cancellation and product return policy
A customer may cancel a transaction and return products purchased through this site in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 1981 and regulations under it The law and regulations under it will hereinafter be referred to as "the Law"..

The customer is obliged to inspect the product immediately upon receipt upon delivery.

In accordance with the provisions of the law, the notice of cancellation can be sent from the date of the transaction until the end of 14 days from the date of delivery of the product or from the date of receipt of the disclosure form, whichever is later. The cancellation notice must include the customer's full name and telephone number and a written message to the company, including sending by email and / or fax..

It will not be possible to return a product that does not carry the original sticker of the serial number on it or on the original packaging of the product.

In order to coordinate how to return the product, contact YS 'customer service. Computers.

In case of cancellation of a transaction and subject to the provisions of the law, in case of cancellation of a transaction and subject to the provisions of the law, Y.S. Computers will be entitled to deduct a cancellation fee from the amount it must return to the customer 5 of the transaction value or 100 as the lower, among them. Also Y.S. Computers will be entitled to deduct clearing fees.יקה.

Property rights and trademarks
All property and intellectual property rights in the Site, including its design, software, applications, computer code, graphics files, images, videos, designs, texts, specifications and any other information on or related to the Site, are the sole property of YS. Computers and will not be used at all except with the permission of Y.S. Computers only. Trademarks may not be used unless permission has been given in advance and in writing by YS Computers..

Errors in the prices and products listed on the website
The site staff does everything in its power to give the most accurate and correct information about the products and their prices, but sometimes errors may appear in the description of the products, their picture or their prices.
In this case, the site staff will inform the customer of the mistake and the customer will have the option to change his order or cancel it.Company there is. Computers In this case does not undertake to deliver the product to the customer.

Electronic waste disposal
there is. Computers allows its customers to deliver electronic waste in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Waste Disposal Law. The electronic waste will be delivered free of charge or consideration, subject to certain conditions.



Warranty Policy

  1. The company, whose name appears in the invoice title, hereinafter - "the company" is responsible to the customer for the proper operation of the product if it is used under normal conditions, for the period specified below - the warranty period is extended depending on the type of product. However, the warranty for each type of product for its specific conditions depends on the manufacturer / importer and unless otherwise stated in the purchase invoice, the warranty is only one year.בד. Warranty period begins on the day of purchase. All warranty is for repair and / or replacement of a product. The warranty for the product that will be repaired and / or replaced will continue for the remainder of the warranty period from the date of purchase, and will not be extended due to its repair or replacement.
  2. During the warranty period, the company will take care of repairing and / or replacing, free of charge, a product that will appear to the company defective and whichAt its sole discretion Injured due to work under normal conditions of use and / or there is a defect in its manufacture.The responsibility in the company laboratory. There is no obligation to replace with a new one, the company reserves the right to credit the customer for the defective product.
  3. If the product does not exist in the company's inventory or its production is stopped, the company will replace the defective product with a product that is equivalent in quality and performance and / or better, according to law.
  4. It is the responsibility of the company to provide the same spare parts required in the company's opinion, to operate the product under normal conditions of use.
  5. The realization of the warranty for the product is conditional on the existence of the serial number on it as scanned into the company's systems before its delivery.
  6. A product that does not appear to work properly will be delivered to the company's repair / customer service lab when packaged to ensure damage by the customer, will be shipped to the company, fully insured at the shipper's expense along with a warranty certificate and invoice that is proof of purchase. It was not purchased from us. Only the purchased item must be delivered.
  7. The delivery of the product must be arranged in advance before sending it by the customer. It is hereby agreed, in advance and explicitly that the company may inspect and / or repair any product it has received, at its sole discretion, when the customer bears the full payment of inspection and / or repair costs. / Or the service is not covered under the company's responsibility, as determined by the laboratory only.
  8. On stationary computers (PC warranty is for one year except for special parts as detailed below. The warranty does not apply On fans, and consumables of any kind, unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Warranty for other related computer parts such as "wireless" keyboards and mice, etc. One year. For enclosures the warranty applies to power supply only for a period of one year, no warranty will apply to a broken glass door in the enclosure. It is not possible to return a computer and / or computer parts assembled for the customer according to law.
  9. For internal and / or external hard disks, processors, motherboardsאם,To drives SSD,For video / sound / expansion cards, power supplies, memories, speakers,For headphones The warranty period is as indicated on the item line in the body of the invoice and can vary according to the model and / or manufacturer between one and three years, if the company laboratory finds signs of product opening, blows, fractures, cracks, crushes, curved components / pins, warming / burning signs,The serial number sticker is corrupt and / or missing, The warranty for the above products will not apply if in the company's opinion there is physical damage to them.
  10. Any service and / or warrantyFor laptops, tablets, monitors LCD 'TVs, Cameras, Game Consoles, Printers, Scanners, PDAs & Appliances Such as PHILIPS, XEROX, XBOX, SONY, FUJITSU, CANON, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, GIGABYTE, LG, DELL, ASUS, LENOVO, HP, MIO, HTC, SILVER LINE and / or any other manufacturer, will be provided in the laboratories of these suppliers only and according to conditions And their warranty certificate, from the date of purchase in accordance with a warranty period of one year, unless otherwise stated in the purchase invoice, or a "warranty extension" was purchased separately. Warranty for charger and battery in laptop / tablet is according to the terms of the manufacturer / importer's warranty only, in the absence of up to one year. It is agreed that all inquiries after purchasing the product, will be made to the supplier's laboratories only.
  11. For mobile phones and players MP3 / 4 One year warranty unless otherwise stated on the purchase invoice) And subject to the warranty certificate included in the device packaging. For headphones, charger, sync / charging cable, battery, three-month warranty. The warranty is void for a device that shows physical damage, blows, fractures, cracks, fluid marks, corrosion and if a sticker is torn / missing, a software change that is not as originally received and / or distributed by the manufacturer, a device with a different IMEI number / deleted / removed .ר.
  12. For consumables: Media and software have no warranty, ink cartridges have a one month warranty, batteries, chargers, bags, cables, various accessories and all peripherals are from month to year as specified on the purchase invoice and provided the product has no physical damage and unreasonable use.
  13. For monitors LCD / LED In mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, MP3 / 4 players, the warranty will not apply to breakage and / or damage to the screen and / or burned pixels dead points for a quantity less than 3 bright spots and / or 5 off points.ת.


Cases where the warranty will not apply

  1. Receiving the product for testing in the company's laboratory does not mean that the defect / fault is within the scope of the warranty. In cases where the company determines that the required repair is not covered under warranty, the customer will be asked to approve a paid repair if the product can be repaired, the customer's approval for the repair will constitute his obligation to pay for the repair.
  2. Removal and / or tearing and / or abrasion of the warranty sticker / serial number sticker of the product.
  3. Removal and / or tearing of the warranty sticker affixed to the computer case,This is if physical damage is found to one of the internal components in the computer only.
  4. If the company knows that the product has physical damage visible and / or any other damage that the company does not control under its control which is caused as a result of some external factor, such as: dust, moisture, liquids, corrosion, etc .... Which does not comply with the operating instructions and / or incorrect use of the product and / or accident and / or force majeure including earthquake, fire, lightning, war, fall, water and other cases over which the company has no control.ה.
  5. If the product is damaged, in the company's opinion, by any disruption in the electricity network or any interruption in the continuity of the power supply, disruption or interruption in the telephone network, improper connection of the product to the electricity network including power cable not provided by the company and / or improper electrical outlet Lack of use of grounding, or damage caused by another electrical device connected directly or indirectly to the product and / or if the equipment was turned on or off at a voltage higher and / or lower than the maximum allowed, according to the sticker and / or the manufacturer's conditions.
  6. If, in the Company's opinion, any repair and / or change was made to the equipment, not by the Company's laboratoryIncluding assembling the equipment parts or several products together And in any case of improper and / or improper and / or unprofessional combination / connection of the Company's product (s) among themselves or of the Company's products and other products. The warranty will not be given in any case of change, removal of the equipment details and warranty details embedded or pasted on it and / or due to any treatment and / or attempted repair and / or changes to the product by a person not authorized by us and all at the sole discretion of the company.
  7. In cases of non-payment or repayment of the value of the product in a manner that deviates from the purchase agreement made. It is agreed that the company will have a right of delay until the end of payment.
  8. If the company knows, the source of the damage to the software of any kind, including viruses, or due to malfunction, or incompatibility with the software installed or used by the customer.
  9. According to the company, the product was damaged as a result of neglect or negligence, including dirt or pollution, of any kind.
  10. In the event of any change in the warranty certificate that is not accompanied by the company's stamp.
  11. The warranty does not cover technical support of any kind and / or the obligation to instruct regarding the operation of the product, installation settings, etc ....).
  12. It is agreed that in any of the above cases, the exclusive determination of the company technician, as stated above, was acceptable to the customer as conclusive proof.


Limitation of Liability

  1. The company will not be liable for any damage or loss, including damage to the body and / or equipment, caused as a result of the purchase and / or use of the equipment or as a result of improper operation of equipment, but only for its repair and / or replacement subject to the conditions set out above.
  2. The company is not responsible for consequential and / or circumstantial damage and / or for loss of direct and / or indirect and / or economic profit and / or loss of profits, income, business, damage to reputation, and / or any other financial damage and / or mental distress, related Directly or indirectly to the product, and no compensation will be given.
  3. There is no obligation on the part of the company with regard to the suitability of the product for a specific purpose, or with regard to its value and marketability.
  4. The company is not responsible for any damage to the information stored in its products. It is recommended to back up the information before handing over the equipment to the laboratory.ה.
  5. The company is not responsible for the customer's parts attached to the computer assembled in the laboratories  there is. Computers
  6. On a computer assembled by the company, at the end of one year from the date of issuance of the invoice, a computer test will be charged, some of whose components are still under warranty with a payment of 100 to be paid in advance..
  • A customer who leaves equipment at the branch or laboratory, without the written consent of the company will be charged a storage fee of 50 per day, the company is not responsible for this equipmentה.
  • It is agreed that equipment, which will not be collected, within 45 days, from the Company's notice of its collection will become the Company's property, without further consideration and at its sole discretion..
  • The customer confirms that he has received the products listed on the invoice in proper external condition.
  • The customer acknowledges that he has read and understood the terms of purchase and warranty below and that they are acceptable and agreed upon.



Information security and privacy


YS Company Computers, as well as sister companies and other sub-entities operating on behalf of the Company and in accordance with those standards, may use the information on the form to bring you the information and services requested. This personal information will not be disclosed and will not be used further for marketing purposes without permission.

The company takes reasonable precautions to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information. In cases beyond the control of the Company and / or arising from force majeure, the Company will not be liable for any damage of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to the customer, if this information is lost and / or used unauthorized.

The company undertakes not to make use of the information provided to it by the buyers but to enable the purchase on a sales site and in accordance with all laws.

The "Send" button has the consent of YS. Computers or anyone on its behalf make use of this personal information in order to provide you with information about the products and additional information via email or other, about services and resources related to the company's products. In addition, this personal information may be used for market research purposes. If you wish to remove your personal details from the company's mailing list at any time, call us, by clicking the "Submit" button. I confirm by signing the form and its terms.